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Clarity check for Creators and Builders

Updated: May 10, 2020

Millions of People want to be creators and builders. But do they?

Many think “wanting” to do something and having “ideas” is the most important thing. Actually it is the easiest thing to do sitting on your couch saying “I will make this company” “I will open this youtube channel” “I want to become a famous actor”. The hard part is not the dream or the idea; it is the actual work and execution. It sets you apart from the crowd.

Now, what are the driving forces and needs behind your urge to make this thing work?

Do you have a purpose? What is your motivation? A Reason? An Outcome?

There are thousands of answers to these perennial questions, but the answers will determine the likeliness of achieving your dream.

Some go like:

  • Because you giving a truth unsaid to the world

  • Because you are only one who can solve it

  • Because the new way needs to change the world

  • Because the world needs to capture something beautiful

  • Because humans need a better life

  • Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

  • Because you are unafraid to change the status quo

  • Because someone else will do if I don’t

Every idea or project must begin with the right intent. Luck and timing and a thousand other things factor a lot, but the right intent is non-negotiable. It can make a difference. It can change people. Being a creator or builder is one of the most rewarding and greatest pursuits in the world. Many artists suffer through a lot of pain & suffering to do their noble work.

Sure, our pursuits can make a lot of money and make us famous too. Many make these two objectives as their primary aim but it is not sustainable.

“Compare two creators: one who cares less about what he’s making and more about what it can do for him (make money), and another who, upon sitting down, says, “This is my life’s work” or “This is what I was put on this planet to make.” Who would you bet on?”

This is why passion and intent powered by high discipline impact our ability to persevere, endure, survive, or even grow (antifragile) through tough times. We will be tested not once, but repeatedly.

It is inevitable that we will face pain and suffering on the journey but at least it will be bearable because we have the right intent and choose what we love.

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