One trick question to get priority and focus instantly

It is really difficult to get our priorities in our life and business with all the noise disguised as important decisions. In one of the Sunday weekly newsletters from @ShaneAParrish, he shared a quick favorite question he used personally and also on his kids to get clarity. How we question ourselves with mental tweaks can bring out the perspective of priority.

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"Is this helping me get what I want?"

When there is a conflicting situation or argument, the question can intervene and make one remember what one is trying to accomplish. It can resonate and apply on so many scales- work, relationships, health, etc. It’s like a mental gut check to ensure you’re prioritizing the right things.

Whenever you yourself think about a situation that makes you anxious; stop and ask "What do you want from this in life/business?" Your reply can be usually "to be happy" or "to feel calm" or “to make my customer happy” or “to be more profitable” or “be the best brand”. Then you ask "Is this helping me get there?"

Another variation of this question comes from the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

“What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Breaking it down.

“What’s the one thing you can do”

  • It has to be something YOU can do. It has to be ONE thing. It has to be identified.

“Such that by doing it”

  • You need to be able to DO it. It needs to be small enough that you can DO it reasonably quickly. If it’s too big, break it down.

“Everything else will be easier or unnecessary”

  • After the action is completed, everything is easier.

I also have been incorporating this thought process around the weeks and helps me focus.

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