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The Tale of Two Brothers: Chronos and Kairos

Ancient Greeks had three words or personification for time: Aion, Chronos & Kairos.

Aion is a God of the ages and represents everlasting eternal time in the cosmos.

Chronos was imagined as an Old wise man which connotes the literal march & ticking of time.

It can’t be slowed, stopped, or returned.

But Kairos was different. Kairos refers to the time that is right, critical & opportune.

Chronos is quantitative & Kairos is qualitative.

The latter is experienced only when we are fully in the moment-when we exist in the now.

Call it the moment of truth or carpe diem.

Chronos rules us but Kairos gives us space to focus on things that really matter.

Experience life in kairos, not just chronos.

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